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Top 5 Reasons

5 BIG reasons to choose TTS as your Information Technology Partner:

#1 – Fast response time with a “NO voice mail policy” during normal business hours.

-You get a LIVE person when calling during normal business hours, we have a “NO voicemail policy” which means you get a LIVE person every time you call.

-Our phone system emails TTS Management every time a call is logged. Management constantly follows up throughout the day to make sure your calls are being handled properly.

-Our phone and ticketing systems update us in real time so we can communicate with you faster than any other IT Managed Service Provider.

Texas Technology Support
Texas Technology Support

#2 – We don’t outsource! We use 100% American, English speaking, Tech support!

-All techs are Americans who speak English as their first language.

-Every account has dedicated techs who learn your network and work on it whenever a problem arises.

#3 – Flat Rate pricing with NO long term contracts!

-Monthly pricing per device lets you set and manage your IT budget!

-We offer month to month service agreements for small businesses under 50 PC’s, over 50 the terms are one year or less.

-Clearly defined SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) allow customer cancellation for non-performance with no penalties, or hidden charges.

Texas Technology Support
Texas Technology Support

#4 – Recovery team for nothing BUT protecting your data!

-Latest Technology and Disaster Recovery options to protect your data!

-Protecting your data is our number 1 priority! We use multiple redundant systems to backup and secure your data AND have staff who’s ONLY job function is the verification and validation of your company backups. We don’t “set it and forget it” like most companies.

-Data backups are BOTH onsite for fastest retrieval and offsite so you are not tethered to your office in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, or inclement weather. We use the same backup technology as NASA, Netflix, Google, Adobe and Harvard.

#5 – Trust (The biggest reason of ALL!)

– We only charge for labor. There is NO markup of ANY hardware or software so you can trust us to help you make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing IT assests for your company. We SAVE you money by leveraging our corporate buying power with all major vendors. YOU retain all ownership rights and licenses even when we make the purchase on your behalf.

– EVERY employee has been with the company for more than 14 years! Yes, you read that correctly! The folks that work for TTS started out as technicians in our PC repair shop back in 2003! Please see About Us for more details. We have had ZERO employee turnover. The vast majority of our clients have also been with us for the same time period. Please see testimonials for more details. Why is this? It’s because we treat BOTH our employees and our clients better than anyone else in the business!

Texas Technology Support