Do you know someone who needs IT services? We have the best referral system in the business!

How do you get started?

Fill out the form  as completely as possible and click the submit button!

We will follow up with you and your referral so that you will know the status and payment pending times.


We pay the following referral commissions:

  • If your referral signs a maintenance contract, you get the first months fees paid directly to you!
  • If your referral just needs a project or break/fix done you get 15% of the total value!
  • If your referral does both of the above, then you get both of the above.


The fine print:

  • Payment of commissions on a maintenance contract is 60 days from the first payment processed from the referral.
  • Payment of commissions on a project or break/fix is 30 days from when the payment is processed from the referral.
  • Commission amount is minus any taxes, fees, software licenses, or materials required.
  • Payment is made by check only and will be sent to the address you provide in your referral form submittal.
  •  If you are an existing TEXAS TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT customer, you have the option of receiving your referral in the form of a credit to your account.
  • Payment of more than $600 in a calendar year will require you to submit a W-9 form to Remote IT For SMB prior to payment for tax purposes.
  • You are responsible for reporting all commission payments to the IRS.
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